Alberto Facchinetti

Dovrebbe fare un paio di date in Italia nei prossimi mesi, dopo quasi dieci anni che manca dal nostro paese. Kevin K, punkrocker da NYC, dopo il tour che lo vede impegnato in Francia sarà qui a dicembre. Nel frattempo facciamo una chiacchierata con lui. Un’occasione per parlare della New York di adesso, di quella degli anni Ottanta e dei suoi ultimi lavori (un libro, un dvd e cd).

Are you the last New York City rockandroller?
Well probably the last "touring" New York City musician from the 1980's CBGB days… Walter Lure still plays, but doesn't really tour..

Do you think that exist a Nyc style (in music, in life)?
Sure. I use the lifestyle of NYC in my everyday life. And I'm not there anymore. Fast, get the job done..
I still use that formula in my writing and recording. I finished a new cd 'Joey And Me".. Done all in one week in New York in June. Work hard and strong..
Which kind of  “energy” was there in Nyc in ’70 and in ’80?
There was so many great bands and great drugs to!
Everybody was alive. Thunders, Ramones, Dead Boys, The clubs CBGB, Max's Kansas City, Peppermint Lounge, Mudd Club... There was still bad neighborhoods, crime. Son Of Sam killing people. You could buy any drugs you wanted on 10th street and First Avenue... It was a very exciting time.. That period from 1981-89 was very great..

And now?
And now. Well it s a city for the rich. No more cheap apartments, no music scene. Everybody's dead. I mean I still enjoy going back there, its just different.. Lots of memories..

How much important was Johnny Thunders for your career and your life?
Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop and The Ramones were very important to me. Not only the music but the lifestyle. The day of a Johnny Thunders show we were all excited was Johnny gonna be good or fucked up on drugs? You never knew what to expect. It was a event. I loved that.
Plus now with all the time I spend in France, I meet a lot of people that saw Johnny play. So I know what he went through with the language...Can be a problem.. Bon jour !!

And Paul Westerberger?
Paul Westerberg. Probably one of my top three song writers. I met him in NYC about ten years ago. Shook his hand and told him I saw The Replacements at CBGB in 1981 and Bob Stinson was wearing a dress !! Paul laughed.. Paul is a true pop music fan..

Jim Carroll and Willy DeVille passed away last year. Like Johnny Thunders do they have been forgotten yet?
Well as the years go by for sure people have forgotten who Johnny Thunders was. Almost all the kids that come to my shows never saw John play live.

Do you have more fans in Europe or in Usa?
More in Europe. Probably because I have a French label "Kicking Records" and a Swiss label "GPS" Productions. My book has been out for two years only in French. I'm proud of that project.
Tell me something about your present and your future on stage and in studio.
I'm just trying to record and tour as much as I can. Its not any easier for me. This new cd I just finished is Number 20 in Kevin K studio cds. That's cool for me. It might be the last cd I do? I just try to keep life simple, but that gets hard to do when you get older in life.

What you remember about your last tour in Italy? Do you think that you come back on tour in Italy?
From what I remember my shows in Italy were always good. I have a November/December tour being booked for France. If there is any clubs in Italy, Please contact me.. Maybe we could get a show in December..

So my book "Successful Loser" will be out in English, along with a double "Loser" DVD. Its really good footage of me at CBGB's in 1986 all the way to 2009 on tour in Europe. And the new cd 'Joey And Me" will be out in October.


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