25 years

20 anni di carriera per gli Shanghai

Per celebrare il 20° anno dalla loro nascina, gli sleaze rocker Shanghai pubblicheranno un CD/DVD dal titolo Blood and Treasure :
Disc 1 – CD – Life In The Motion, Bad Love, Devil’s Child, Through These Eyes, Please Me Tease Me, Without Love, Show Me The Way, Don´t Hide Your Heart, Love Under Fire, Big & Sleazy, Flashback Heart Attack, Love Has Its Reasons, Life Ain’t Easy, Push It in, Empty Garden, Pleasure And Pain, Promised Land, Hot To The Touch, Caught In The Act.

Disc 2 – DVD – Shanghai invades Japan, Band interview, Please Me Tease Me – music video, Space Shower TV promo, Don’t Hide Your Heart – music video, Please Me Tease Me – Live, Bad Love – Live, Hot To The Touch – Live, Walking The Dog – Live, Without Love – Live, Caught In The Act – Live, Big and Sleazy – Live, End Credits – Slideshow, Blood And Treasure – Video Promo, The best of Jodi Reese – Tribute, Jade – Vocal Intro, One Way Or Another – Live, Heartbreaker – Live.


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