Il frontman dei Tattooed Millionaires e Speed City Vipers, Johnny Jetson (Space Age Playboys, Queer For Girls) ha pubblicato il suo primo album solista dal titolo “The Man of a Thousand Riffs“, disponibile via Minnie Apple Records.

The Man of a Thousand RiffsTrack List for The Man of a Thousand Riffs:
01. Miss Devious
02. Knocked Out
03. Rock N Roll
04. The American Night
05. Driving Is The Only Way To Fly
06. Ready To Rock
07. She’s Got A Mouth For Rock And Roll
08. If Ya Wanna Love Me
09. Go For The Throat
10. Black And Blue For Your Love
11. Shut You Up
12. Shadows On The Moon
13. I’m Gonna Shine You Up


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