I Lies, Deceit & Treachery, band formata dagli ex BulletBoys Lonnie Vencent, Mick Sweda e Jimmy D’Anda, con alla voce Andrew Freeman (Thirty Stones, Blockk 16 e Last in Line), hanno pubblicato la loro performed live al Monsters of Rock Cruise.

Lies Deceit & TreacheryQuesta la set list:
01. Hell Yeah!
02. Hell On My Heels
03. Hard As A Rock
04. Shoot The Preacher Down
05. Thrill That Kills
06. Owed To Joe
07. For The Love Of Money
08. THC Groove
09. Hang On St. Christopher
10. Badlands
11. Good Girl / Crank Me Up
12. Bastard Son / F#9
13. Smooth Up In Ya



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