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Helix: nuova canzone in streaming

Il frontman Brian Vollmer ha postato uno slideshow dell'imminente nuovo album degli Helix "Bastard Of The Blues", che include la title track.

Il frontman Brian Vollmer ha postato uno slideshow dell’imminente nuovo album degli HelixBastard Of The Blues“, che include la title track.

A questo link è possibile ascoltare il brano, questyo il commento del cantante:

We’re nearing the end of recording for the new Helix CD Bastard Of The Blues. As usual it’s been a long and winding road, a little stressful at times, but always a rewarding experience in the end. The result has been a disc I’m very proud of; one of the best I think we’ve ever put together-and that’s not just my opinion. Everyone involved with the project feels the same as I do. I also had some good friends help out-Jeff Fountain sang some very low bass parts, Cheryl Lescom came in with her incredible voice to wail on ‘Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Hometown)’ and ‘Bastard Of The Blues’ (the song) as well as Nick Walsh, who used his pipes to take ‘Screaming At The Moon’ to the next level.

Aaron Murray, our illustrious producer, had been working day and night to get this done, as has Matt Brooks of Babyjack Design with the artwork. Next week the mix goes off to Carvelo Mastering in Toronto and then to Perris Records in Texas and John Ball in Brantford to be pressed. Thank you to all our fans who bought advance copies.”

E’ possibile ordinare il CD mandando $20.00 via Paypal a bvollm0656@rogers.com.

  1. ‘Bastard Of The Blues’
  2. ‘Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Hometown)’
  3. ‘Screamin’ At The Moon’
  4. ‘Metal At Midnight’
  5. ‘Axe To Grind’
  6. ‘When All The Love Is Gone’
  7. ‘Winning Is The Best Revenge’
  8. ‘Hellbound For A Heartbreak’
  9. ‘Skin In The Game’
  10. ‘The Bitch Is A Bullet’
  11. ‘Sticks & Stones’


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