Alive and Kickin’ annuncia l’uscita della compilation dal titolo “Rock is Alive and Well” divisa in due volumi e con i brani di Creem Circus, Tango Pirates, The Nasty Things,
Tattooed Millionaires, Mink Daggers, The Sweet Things; The Tip; The Cry; Medicine Ball, Caravan e Smash Fashion.

Rock is Alive and WellVol. 1

1. Through the Crack of the City (The Sweet Things) – unreleased
2. Cocaine Ass Licker Blues (The Sweet Things) – unreleased
3. Love Me Er’y Woman (The Tip)
4. The Drip (The Tip)
5. Sleeping Alone (The Cry)
6. Shakin’ (The Cry)
7. Will You Be There (Medicine Ball Caravan)
8. On the Road -single edit- (Medicine Ball Caravan) – unreleased
9. Marionette (Smash Fashion)
10. You Love to Suffer (Smash Fashion)

Rock is Alive and WellVol. 2

1. Riff Mountain (Creem Circus)
2. Teenage Rules (Creem Circus)
3. Ghost Ship Bar Blues (Tango Pirates)
4. Dark Star (Tango Pirates)
5. Mojo Motor City Queen (The Nasty Things)
6. Save Me (The Nasty Things)
7. Subsonic (Tattooed Millionaires)
8. Next Big Thing (Tattooed Millionaires)
9. Messin’ Up Monday (Mink Daggers)
10. Blacker Shade of Blue (Mink Daggers)


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