Da tempo si rincorrono le voci su una probabile reunion per via di un tweet inviato a Eddie Van Halen dal Red Rocker per i suoi auguri di compleanno ed in una recente intervista al San Francisco Chronicle quest’ultimo si è sbilanciato, ecco alcuni passaggi dell’intervista:

That whole Van Halen thing lurking in the woods out there, I feel there’s a sniper out there — any minute the bullet is going to come flying in that says “VH” on it, “You’re it!” We’ll see what happens. I don’t understand them. I haven’t understood them in a long time. I would only do it with Sam and Dave anyway. I’d rather Dave (David Lee Roth) go out and sing his own songs. I’ll sing my songs. That would be the ultimate show, I think. If we could do it that way, I would suck it up. It would be fun.

Vedremo cosa accadrà…


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